Tuesday, April 7, 2015

It only hurts when it hits your pocket

As citizens we are expected to be responsible and contribute to the better good of the community to which we belong. Using common basic services - water and electrical energy, for example - frugally, is one way we act responsibly. The recent water shortages here in Brazil, and subsequently, use of geothermal plants to produce electrical energy have sent electricity bills through the roof and residents have woken up to the harsh reality: it's either you cut down on consumption or you pay three times more at the end of the month. The result, according to Brazilian news reports, is that both industrial and domestic energy consumption has registered a drop for the first time in six years. The situation of course reminds us of part of the song performed by Passenger:
Is being more frugal in water and energy use more motivated by a feeling of civic responsibility or a self interest in spending less every month?

Sunday, March 8, 2015

A word so sweet

How many ways can you use the word "sugar" in a sentence?

First think of the meaning: other than a white sweetening substance, what else can the word refer to?

Here are some hints: 
  • An affectionate name for a loved one 
  • Caress or tenderness 
  • A susbstance to give you a boost of energy 
  • Sexual relations negotiated between "provider" and "client"
Use the word "sugar" in the sentences below and see if they make sense:
  1. Hey ..........., how have you been? Missed me?
  2. Who's my baby? Who's my sweeetheart? Come here and give me some ............
  3. I'm feeling a little weak. My energy is on a low - I think I need some ........... before I faint.
  4. It's not easy being a sex professional and having to work for a .............daddy.
What other words could you use instead of Sugar in the examples above?

Now enjoy this song by Maroon 5. What meaning of "sugar" do they use in the clip?

Friday, February 27, 2015

Thanks to the #TheDress

I have been wanting to find a pretext to use the expression - THAT'S THE MILLION-DOLLAR QUESTION! Since I have been living in Brazil for 18 years now, I have always been haunted by trying to find an English equivalent for the expression "a pergunta que não quer calar". A perfect opp to kill two birds with one stone. BTW, what are some other "million-dollar questions" that haunt your imagination? Huffington Post says if you haven't heard or even felt compelled to take part in the highly enlightening, world-changing discussion, it is probably because you were in a bunker. I HAVE TO THANK THE MANUFACTURER OF MINE.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Revel to rebel or Rebel to revel

It's Carnival time yet again 
A time of absolute folly 
Folie for the French, folia is the Brazilian way 
To talk of five days of unrestrained joy 
In English there is a word that brilliantly describe 
What Carnival lovers do best 
They revel in the the national period of Carpe diem 
Or in simpler English - YOLO must be your life guide 
By unchaining yourself of concerns and oblihations 
You revel and rebel - to hell with life's problems! 
No need for dress code - forget the social mode 
A once in a lifetime chance to break the mold. 

But Carnival is not the only time to revel and rebel 
To revel is to find joy, to live to the full 
So why not... 
Revel in your strengths, rebel against your fears 
Revel in your family and friends, rebel against hate and disunity 
Revel in what you do, rebel against accomodation 
Revel in dreams come true, rebel against abandoned dreams 
Revel in our diversity, rebel against animosity 
Revel in others' success, rebel against spite and envy 
Revel the precious gift of life, rebel against all that threatens it.

What do you revel in and what do you rebel against?